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October 25, 2017

by Zanele NGWIRA, Correspondent 25/10/17

It now two years since Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) senior officer Issah Njaunju was murdered gruesomely in mysterious ways few kilometres from Kamuzu Palace.

His burnt car was dumped at Mtsiriza township and local forensic experts continue to struggle to put pieces together on what really happened.

Alot is speculated on what befell Njaunju on that dark night. Many Malawians agree that it was all about corruption in the corridors of power and someone trying to cover their tracks.

United Kingdom’s Scotland Yard is now sending forensic experts to uncover what has been hidden for over 24 months. The question lingering is that will the overseas experts bring the truth out?

Njauju: Allegedly Murdered by Malawi State House suspects covering up corruption

Corruption in Malawi has reached worrying levels no wonder people in government are doing all they can to hide it.

Njaunju fell victim to these concealment efforts by crooks who are stealing public money day in day out at Capital Hill.

It is the ruling DPP that is failing to finalize the K236 billion ($315 million) corruption whose final report has been finalized by Pricewatershouse Coopers who were funded by Germany government.

Seven cabinet ministers were mentioned in the report but all are close friends to President Mutharika and he continues shielding them.

PETER MUTHARIKA: Is he covering up an investigation about his corruption? Many fingers pointing at state house.

One of the ministers George Chaponda was not lucky enough. His stealing habits found him dipping his hand in the maize deal between Malawi and Zambia. ACB pounced on him.

This has become a rotten government in which top to bottom officials in conjunction with party members plunder public money at will.

For sure Njaunju did not die in vain. His blood cries out loud for truth and uprightness in this society.

Let Scotland Yard work freely without interference so that we all know what killed an innocent man in the line of duty.

Government is highly suspected of covering up its corruption as it had done nothing to find the killers up to date.

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