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December 4, 2017

By Susan Phiri 4/12/17

Leader of Opposition in Parliament Lazarus Chakwera has hit a raw nerve of Public Affairs Committee after it was reported that he is discussing with Justice Minister behind doors to delay or stop the tabling of Electoral Reforms Bill in Parliament.

All along Chakwera, who is also MCP President, has presented himself as someone in full support of the reforms.

However, Nation on Sunday newspaper reported that Chakwera has held meetings with Justice Minister Samuel Tembenu where he has emptied his real stand on the issue.

Dr Lazarus Chakwera. Malawians wants the 50+ vote bill and expect him to be in the fore front of rallying his MPS to support the electoral reform bill

PAC officials say they are let down that Chakwera pretended to support the cause and when they joined to support him he started shifting posts.

“He should know what he wants because his change of tune is confusing Malawians. We will still push for the bill whether Chakwera wants it or not. This is about Malawians,” said an official at PAC who spoke in confidence.

The MCP leader says he does not support some proposals in the bill such as 50+1 because he feels it is not the right way to vote in a President.

Despite issuing a hushed statement hours after the story was published, there is all evidence that the Leader of Opposition views 50+1 as detrimental to his chances of becoming President.

He believes that he now stands a better chance to beat President Peter Mutharika with a simple majority in 2019 and any legislation to call for second round could see him losing again to his opponent.

Political observers say both Chakwera and Mutharika do not support 50+1 going by how measured they have been in respective speeches in Parliament.

Only Peoples Party leader in the House Ralph Mhone mentioned 50+1 resistance as it ought to be, without any reservations.

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