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December 3, 2017

By staff writer 3/12/17

Some Malawian chiefs are too cheap such that they can go at a price of a goat. We are not saying this not out of respect but every person in their right mind can only feel sorry for these greedy traditional leaders.

Whenever Democratic Progressive Party-led government panics it rushes to these sold-out souls for relief. With only few kwachas these old men and women are paraded on Malawi Broadcasting Corporation to champion whatever cause is at hand.

Take for example, right now Peter Mutharika is under intense pressure because of his own incompetence to run the country. This has made him and his DPP very unpopular, fruits of this being the miserable loss in the October by-elections.

Poor Malawians cheifs being bribed by corrupt Malawi President Peter Mutharika to discourage Mps from voting on electoral reforms bill. Corrupt Peter Mutharika came into power dubiously through vote rigging and doesn’t want systems that fight corruption to be in place for his own corruption benefit.

Now that he knows he is on his way out, Mutharika is counting on chiefs to save him from negative public perception. Every time he is roasted by opposition parties especially MCP he quickly mobilizes chiefs to defend him. For a bottle of Fanta and an envelope of few banknotes, the chiefs then attack Lazarus Chakwera and everyone from opposition under the guise of being sent by their subjects.

It should be made clear that not all chiefs participate in this foolish act. We know of the main culprits as Ngolongoliwa of Thyolo, Chikumbu of Mulanje,Lundu of Chikwawa, Tsabango and Malili of Lilongwe, Lukwa of Kasungu and Kyungu of Karonga. These are the cheapest chiefs who can easily be sold for a little dime, they have no morals whatsoever.

Only this week they have gone on rampage again attacking Public Affairs Committee for its stance in pushing Parliament to table Electoral Reforms Bill. This time around the chiefs have gone a step further, they have even presented a petition to Parliament to stop tabling of the bill.

For starters, Malawians are itching for reforms in how elections are managed because previously things have not been smooth. 2014 was the cutting point, everything was a sham and results had to be forced by the courts after Malawi Electoral Commission denied to announce and wanted a manual recount.

DPP is scared to allow the reforms because their 2014 ‘victory’ was questionable and they wouldn’t want 2019 elections to be managed under a different format.

They are scared by the 50+1 format of electing a President because they know Peter Mutharika who last time got a meager 36 percent cannot even dream of amassing 20 percent of the vote. He is just incompetent to be voted in again.

What DPP and chiefs are forgetting is that electoral reforms came about after Malawi Law Commission went around all the districts, villages, towns and cities to solicit ideas from people on how best can elections be run.

PAC is just a champion of good governance and should not be attacked for wanting to make follow-ups on promises made by Peter Mutharika. One way or another Malawi will have a credible election in 2019 and Peter Mutharika might just exit at that stage through public decision.

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