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December 8, 2017

By staff writer 08/12/17

The Chief Secretary to the government Lloyd Muhara has siphoned K64 million from Office of President and Cabinet by awarding through single sourcing a K64 million contract to his blue eyed boy Gift Dula to furnish Muhara’s capital hill office.

Dula is CEO of Nocma which is coincidentally chaired by Muhara.Part of the furniture to be supplied includes a massage chair and granite table among others.


Muhara: At his best in corrupting the nation

According to sources  it has been  learnt that this decision has raised eye brows as not even the office of President Mutharika at state house has furniture that can be valued at K64 million.

Muhara is known for his extravagant life style as he was embroiled in another scam while serving as commissioner general of MRA when he constructed a swimming pool at his Area 43 private residence using tax payers money worth K50 million.

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