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November 28, 2017

By Staff Reporter 28/11/17

It is not easy to change the perception of Malawians on the failures of ruling Democratic Progressive Party for the past three years that Peter Mutharika has been in power. The despair among Malawians makes them more than ready to vote Mutharika out come 2019.

Now that they have realized the looming defeat DPP is busy trying to poach other politicians from opposition parties to beef up their squad and may be reclaim some respect.

However this exercise is proving hectic because serious and established politicians are not interested to associate with this party. No sane politician would want their names to be dragged into thievery and careless governance like that of DPP.


So what does the DPP do? They rush to poach small fish in a pond where big fish is readily available. They get a councilor in Lilongwe named Desmond Bikoko, Fahad Assan who has never been any serious politicians his whole life. Don’t even bother with the other catch, he is some Mr Kachere from the yet-to-be established Depeco party.

This whole poaching rush comes following realization that Malawians don’t want DPP anymore. Evidently the people punished DPP in the October by-elections where the party lost 5-1 to MCP in three constituencies and three wards.

The lure of money has for sure failed to coax big wigs in politics to shift posts, that should tell us of the problems that exist in Peter Mutharika’s government.

Malawians have been subjected to unending misery in terms of unemployment, day-long blackouts, rising prices of goods, poor health and education facilities and a total collapse of social services.

For DPP to expect votes from such a disappointed population is not only unfair but evil as well. Malawians should finish the remaining months under DPP and thereafter vote in leaders who have the needs of people at heart.

Change is coming and it is coming soon.

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