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November 19, 2017

By Zanele NGWIRA (correspondent)19/11/17

The political marriage between Democratic Progressive Party and United Democratic Front is heading towards end. This is the more reason DPP is working so hard to expand Lomwe territory in UDF’s stronghold districts of Machinga, Mangochi and Balaka.

The DPP has sent the Lomwe Paramount chief Ngolongoliwa to convince some Yao chiefs in Machinga and Mangochi to be registered as Lomwes so that politicians can use that to their advantage.

Ngolongoliwa is being funded by Ministry of Local Government which is headed by Kondwani Nankhumwa, a powerful minister in Peter Mutharika’s cabinet.

All this started months ago when Atupele Muluzi showed openly that his UDF would like to pull out of the coalition. DPP panicked and started looking at options on the table.

The best option is to cripple UDF and grab its seats in the Eastern Region. Ngolongoliwa wants to make several Yao chiefs believe that they have Lomwe lineage and in turn the chiefs should mobilize their subjects for DPP.

Several chiefs in these districts are to be coronated and promoted as Lomwe chiefs. The promotions will be swift just as was the case with Ngolongoliwa who rose from village headman to paramount within two years.

However, it is only UDF that might suffer by losing MPs but overall DPP is likely to perform badly in 2019 due to Mutharika’s incompetence.

The Malawi leader has in three years seen his ratings plummet to the red zone. All credible pollsters forecast that Mutharika will lose to MCP’s Lazarus Chakwera in 2019.

His leadership has become questionable because other people are busy making decisions for him only for him to keep reversing them.

For instance Road Traffic department hiked road user penalty fees only for Mutharika to send his ministers to stop the hike, so too with water costs which were raised by 15% only to be rescinded by cabinet minister.

Another one is when ESCOM failed to purchase gensets simply because Mutharika’s close aides wanted to steal money through bogus tenders. What a shame when the President himself endorsed the purchase by being part of the board meeting where this wapolitics ?s agreed.

All this shows that Mutharika is not in charge at all. Someone must come in in 2019 and lead Malawi to prosperity.

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