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February 10, 2018

By Our Reporter 10/2/18

There is nothing extraordinary about Vice President Saulos Chilima sternly accusing a contractor who erected a dyke in Nsanje which does not tally with the figures on paper.

The Veep last week tore apart a contractor for a dyke that on paper is worth K290 million (US$387,000) but looks cheap and sub-standard to effectively protect communities from flooding water.

Vice President Saulos Chilima. .

Yes it is good for public administrators to keep track of every cent used on public projects, be it from the public purse or donor community.

However, Chilima is now clocking four years as part and parcel of a failed regime that has been characterized by corruption and sub-standard projects all over the country.

As the second most powerful elected public officer on the land and member of the cabinet, he should have spoken against corrupt practices in the awarding and implementation of so many projects since 2014.

Choosing to speak tough in front of the media makes all this a wasteful Public Relations stunt that only aims at separating him from the obvious rot.

Malawians have for long wanted to see the Chilima who headed Airtel Malawi with utmost professionalism. They have waited in vain for a Chilima whose corporate track record made him one of the country’s most recognized corporate bosses prior to 2014.

Unfortunately, the youthful Veep has closed himself behind the Democratic Progressive Party veil of corruption and failure. He has chosen to be associated with thieves and plunderers without speaking out for Malawians who were so excited to have the country’s youngest Vice President ever.

The many mistakes that Peter Mutharika has made as President cannot be disassociated from Chilima because the two are the only members of our Presidency. Failure for one is failure for both so too with success.

It could have been logical for the younger member of the Presidency to speak to his boss Mutharika on the many failures that separate DPP from success.

Where was Chilima when Anti Corruption Bureau senior official Issa Njaunju was murdered gruesomely for fighting corruption? Where was Saulos when DPP fought and shot down electoral reforms both outside and in Parliament? Where has Chilima been in the face of tender twisting at Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) and Energy Generation
Company (EGENCO) ? His absence is a transgression equal to wrongdoing.

This is someone who has played complicit to all evils of his party, so to come on public stage against a K290 million project when he has been silent when billions have been abused smacks of a dishonest politician who is ready to go miles in fooling the public.

Let him go slow for now, it is already too late for one of the devils to transform into an angel.

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