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October 25, 2017

By Concerned Malawian 24/10/17

As an African! And as a Malawian not because I was born in Malawi but because Malawi was born in me, I will start with a prayer before I continue with this “State Capture Expozee”.

“Oh Lord! I know you are not God who is in the habit of descending down from heaven to solve our problems on Earth; your habit is living in Heaven watching everyone liberating and building for themselves” Amen (Ameen).

Exposing the typical Mutharika characters over Malawi.

The acquisition of Ndatha farm by late president Bingu Wa Mutharika.

Ndatha farm has a title deed no. 79123 with 980 hectare of farmland. It was owned by F. L. Mambira, F. Nelson Guda, Lodewick Ferreira and John Ntodwa, these people borrowed MK 6 million from the then Malawi Development Corporation (MDC) in 1998. They failed to pay back the loan and MDC repossessed the farm under Graham Carr and company.

In 2002 under instructions from MDC the company tendered the farm for sale to defray expenses. Businessman Ishmail Logart deposited MK25 million for the farm. The sale agreement was reached through Mr. Sakyi who represented MDC and businessman Logart was represented by Mr. Samuel Tembenu of Tembenu Masumbu and Company.

Mr. Logart did not complete the payment as he complained of encroachments and failed to effect full amount, by then MDC was charging and accruing interests on the farm through lawyer Dick Chagwamnjira who launched legal action resulting in another repossession of the farm under the tutelage of Mr. Christopher Kaminjolo formerly company secretary of MDC.

By then MDC was looking for MK50 million in accrued interests and legal fees. Mr. Sakyi left for Ghana the case remained with Chagwamnjira.

MDC was a statutory corporation which wound up through presidential decree or directive of late president Bingu Wa Mutharika. Mr. Kainja of Kainja and Dzonzi were appointed liquidator to manage and dispose assets of the corporation.

Corruption started when it was found that late president Bingu Wa Mutharika in a sudden twist of events bought Ndatha farm from Ishmael Logart for MK70 million without the knowledge of MDC receiver Mr. Chagwamnjira.

Tracing on the records of government there is no paper that stipulates former and late president Bingu Wa Mutharika bought the farm from MDC or change of ownership.

By the time of sale the farm had 150 heads of cattle, the general manager was Mr. Chisambo and clerk of the company was Mr. Patrick Gideon who can be reached on +265888765937.

Current president Peter Mutharika is building his mansion close to the farmland in siliya village around the same area. Like his brother all construction of the bitumen road to his new home and the complex itself are being built by Mota Engil at the expense of Malawi tax payers money.

Do not be surprised when Peter Mutharika’s government enacted the New land bill in parliament; it is emanating from this wield transaction that made these figureheads from the Mutharika family to acquire farmland unprocedural.

The target is the northern region where vast land lie idle. Taking advantage of the poor households citizens will not be able to pay for their land giving access to government officials and it’s rich minions to takeover the land and be able to pay for it.

State Capture is continuing in the sense that ordinary citizens cannot realise or open our eyes till the whole nation is Lhomwenized economically and socially.


The state know land in the South is fast getting finished but without a new law it will be difficult to grab land from the North most of which is valuable for livestock and agriculture activities.

In education “Quota system” has disadvantaged northerners because how much “pass rate” the region can have but logical brains will be sidelined in favour of secondhand senses from the South and other regions.

This is segregation of the highest order. North and central regions have been targeted for exclusion in strategic matters of national importance under DPP as per their plan which begins from 2019 to 2032 when they plan to let the balloon of Lhomwenization deflate.

The campaign is strong which includes public and statutory appointments where witch hunt is ongoing to relieve those in positions of influence and be replaced by the tribe from dominant four Lhomwe speaking districts.

No one from the North or central regions hold a top public service position of influence including parastatal organizations and diplomatic missions.

An example is at ESCOM Mr. Kandulu and Mr. Evance Msiska were relieved of their senior positions in preference to less qualified individuals from the South mainly from Thyolo, Mulanje, Phalombe and Chiradzulu.

Blantyre, Mwanza, Neno, Chikhwawa, Nsanje and Balaka are punished victims.

Below is a list of the hatched plan of “Lhomwenization plot” in place of state capture: State Capture using Lhomwe Card.

Lloyd Muhara Chief Secretary at Office of the president from Phalombe.

N. Saukira NFRA Chief Executive officer from Thyolo district.

T. Malata Malawi Revenue Authority CEO from Thyolo district.

R. Kamoto MERA Chief Executive officer from Chiradzulu district.

General Supuni Phiri Army Commander MDF from Mulanje district.

General C. Namangale deputy commander MDF from Thyolo district.

A. Malata MUST vice chancellor married in Thyolo district.

A. Sumbuleta MBC Chief Executive Officer from Mulanje district.

R. Jose Malawi Police deputy Inspector general from Mulanje.

E. Mwapasa Malawi Police deputy Inspector general Chiradzulu.

Chinsinga Registration Bureau Principal Secretary from Thyolo.

Peter Mukhito State House Chief of Staff from Chiradzulu district.

C. Magalasi State house Executive assistant from Chiradzulu.

M. Bamusi State house special assistant from Thyolo district.

F. Mphepo State House political advisor from Mulanje district.

T. Paul Phiri State House Chief Executive Officer from Thyolo district.

Elvis Thodi Office of the president Director General from Thyolo.

Dr. Munlo Office of the president Principal Secretary from Thyolo/Chiradzul.

George Mkondiwa Office of the president Ambassador from Phalombe.

H. Chilabade Office of the president Reform Principal Secretary from Thyolo

A. Juwayeyi Financial Intelligence Unit Director from Thyolo district.

Charles Namondo OPC Ambassador to China from Thyolo district.

E. Sawerengera OPC Ambassador to the U.N. from Thyolo district.

Mrs.Aggrey Mussa OPC High Commissioner to Kenya from Chiradzulu.

F. Nihoriya OPC Ambassador to USA from Thyolo district.

J. Mwandidya Office of the president CSM from Phalombe district.

Dr. Ntupanyama Office of the president Principal Secretary from Thyolo.

H. Sapala Disabilities Director from Thyolo district.

Katopola Tourism Director from Thyolo district.

Dalitso Kambabe Reserve Bank Governor from Thyolo district.

G. Kabango Reserve Bank deputy governor from Mulanje district.

T. Sitimawina EP&D principal secretary from Thyolo district.

R. Magaleta Ministry of education principal secretary from Thyolo district.

E.Maganga Ministry of Agriculture principal secretary from Thyolo district.

Dr. M. Magwira Ministry of Health principal secretary from Thyolo district.

Ben Botolo Treasury Principal Secretary from Mulanje district.

James Naphambo Chairperson Blantyre Water Board from Thyolo district.

James Masumbu Chairperson of ADMARC from Mulanje district.

Mr. Liabunya Chief Executive Officer EGENCO from Mulanje district.

M. Chitimbe OPC principal secretary Transport from Mulanje district.

George Saonda Public Events Director from Thyolo district.

C. Chipungu Office of the president without portfolio from Thyolo district.

B. Chisakamile Office of the president Coordinator from Thyolo district.

J. Namkwenya Principal Secretary Office of the president from Thyolo.

E. Kaopa Medical Stores deputy head from Thyolo district.

Perks Ligoya Chairperson ESCOM from Thyolo district.

E. Hausi ADL director from Thyolo district.

Chataika ADL Chief Executive Officer from Thyolo district.

C. Kumbemba MTIC Chief Executive Officer from Chiradzulu district.

G. Gonani CRW Chief Executive Officer from Thyolo district.

Chikuni Lilongwe Water Board Chief Executive Officer from Mulanje.

J. Mathanga ESCOM deputy Chairman from Chiradzulu district.

G. Hiwa Law commission Commissioner from Mulanje district.

A. Maliro Gaming Board Chief Executive Officer from Chiradzulu district.

Ms. Napolo Chief Executive Officer Malawi Housing from Thyolo district.

Ms. Mangulenje Chief Executive Officer of MARDEF from Mulanje district (the alleged secret lover of Mr. Lloyd Muhara Chief Secretary to the Office of the president.

Is President Peter Mutharika faulting other districts and regions that there are no people to fill these positions above? When critics accuse him of nepotism and Lhomwenization is he having any space to argue?

This is pathetic and destruction of our nation state. Even late president Bingu Wa Mutharika could not have done this.

Questions will and have to arise, all these personalities are Lhomwe speaking tribe, is there justice on the selection of Staff and office bearers? Out of 28 plus districts of Malawi these positions could only be filled by individuals from the four Lhomwe speaking districts?

Former minister of Agriculture George Chaponda is a Lhomwe who has not been prosecuted yet despite being found with several counts of fraud, embezzlement and unexplained source of funds including money laundering he is still free because he is from the royal tribe.

Citizens drink contaminated water mixed with sewage, ESCOM failing to provide power across the country, farm prices of produce low, the currency losing value to the point of having a MK2000 note, Police failing to trace the whereabouts of an unlicensed gun found in the hands of a cadet, Soldiers money from U.N. get squandered, political opponents molested and victimized by MRA, money being wired outside the country without notice, Police failing to contain the notorious Cadets from DPP party. All these questions have been answered today; it is because the state has been captured by Peter Mutharika and his Lhomwe tribe.

Vincent Wandale is declaring independence in the very districts but no law takes place just because he is one of the respected and royal tribe that cannot be touched or prosecuted.

The Utopian from Blantyre will be hunted for speaking the truth yet Wandale declares his government and forms a cabinet is not touched because he is a Lhomwe.

Lhomwe tribe is involved in killing suspected blood sucking thugs no one get arrested because they are royal tribe yet Blantyre, Zomba and Balaka similar offences can put second class citizens into police custody.

Eric Aniva can be jailed for two years without bail or appeal while George Chaponda is free because he hails from the royal tribe that is untouchable.

Kamlepo Kalua has been silenced not knowing if his abduction did not affect his medulla Oblangata but those who macheted and knobkerried citizens in Nsanje Lalanje constituency, Lilongwe Nsozi and Rumphi at Gonapamuchanya festivities are free without being touched or apprehended. This is the Malawi of Peter Mutharika and his cronies.

We now know who heads which department that is not performing because the royal tribe is on “state capture” holding other tribes and the rest of the country hostage.

Contracts and state tenders are going one direction towards the Lhomwe tribe in an attempt to empower the tribe above the rest.

Strategic positions of state have been given to your tribe for purposes of capturing the state into slavery and abject poverty.

As that is not enough Elections chairperson happens to still come from the very Lhomwe belt Madam Jane Ansah.

Who can argue or dispute if cadets run around together with your ministers declaring “DPP boma in 2019”? You have positioned yourself and your tribe properly for deception and rigging of elections.

As per the heading of the prayer; God is not in the habit of descending down from Heaven to come and solve people’s problems on Earth; we know and we are aware that this “Expozee” has not just come as a newsletter but it is an “eye opener and wake up call” to the rest of the tribes to know of the slavery and captivity, the chains in our hands and legs.

God will see this one out, we will deal with them ourselves.

With armed to teeth and Israel trained Young Pioneers Kamuzu Banda failed to kill all citizens; failed to stop the wind of change that was blown by common citizens most of who are the ones neglected from the North today.

Recognition is given to people that did absolutely nothing yet the graves of real heroes are gathering grass and weeds, Chakufwa Chihana, Kanyama Chiume, Yatuta Chisiza, Dunduza Chisiza, Levi Mumba, Ziliro Chibambo, Rose Chibambo, Manowa Chirwa, Orton Chirwa, Kapote Mwakasungula and the list.

2019 is not far, it is you against the entire territory that call itself Malawi and Malawians.

As said earlier; am an African and bona fide citizen of Malawi not because I was born in Malawi but because Malawi was born in me. “Till all citizens breath their last shall we stop fighting Goriath.”

Malawi is for all, the tax money we pay is meant for medicine, hospitals, services, roads, development, empowerment of citizens particularly the marginalized. You have taken advantage of state power to steal billions from the poor.

When you are corrected and advised you close your ears, when you are shown you pretend to be blind. When we cry you laugh and smile and challenge us that you do not have any problem.

The tears and the cries of Malawi will soon come to an end.

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“The future of Malawi could and will be great the day we collectively sit around the table and listen to one another” {Nkhanga zaona mwatchera kuli mwezi}

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