Former Students of Bolero Secondary School Donate School Desks

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November 4, 2017

By Sam Nkhonjera 04/11/17

Unlike many Wassup groupings which just focus on sharing petty and irrelevant materials, Alumni of Bolero Secondary School formerly known as BODEC has come together to pay back to the community where they started their secondary education by donating 20 school desks.

One of the current Bolero Secondary School students giving thanks through her Poem

The group chaired by Mr Aaron Luhanga started as a social group to catch up with former classsmates however as time went on they began sharing ideas of how to develop their former school.

According to one of the group committee members Mr Singilton Phiri, ” we started this group to catch up with former school mates but one day one of the fellow students Chief Kawazamawe gave us all the update of how our former school was greatly in need of help, they have no hostels, students sitting on the floor and that teachers houses are in a very poor condition. So as a group we decided to come together and do something about this. We agreed for anyone to contribute anything they have and we hired a contractor to make desks for the students. We are pleased this will make a difference.”

The group nominated Mrs Ngemiwe Mkandawire to facilitate the process of acquiring desks and she remarkably devouted her time working hand in hand with group members to ensure the desks were ready for delivery.

Bolero Secondary school students and teachers thanked all former students for the contribution. The students composed short stories and poems to thanks the Alumni for thinking about them.

Bolero Secondary School students receiving desks from alumni wassup group

The Alumni was represented by Mr Singlton Phiri, Mr Patrick Chivundiko Gondwe, Ms Ngemiwe Mkandawire and Mr Aaron Luhanga to present the donation.

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