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October 21, 2017

By Sangwa Tembo 21/10/17

The self claimed king of the ghetto Fredo Kiss real name Penjani Dangote Kaluwa is said to have more muscular power to pull a mammoth crowd of people than what unpopular presidents like Peter Mutharika can manage to.

The rapper popularly known as King Kong himself who is a son to famous politician Kamlepo Kalua has of recently been seen his live performances attracting thousands of of people mostly the young men

Fredo kiss whose songs usually address social and economic hiccups that many Malawian youths go through in their daily lives, is loved by many young people especially in the urban music circle.

In the pictures above Fredo in Lilongwe shows at Masintha ground
In one of his Facebook posts, Fredo kiss articulated that he becomes more appreciative when his fans give him maximum support on his projects saying that symbolises true loving and connectivity between him and his fans as a family.

Last year ,Fredo kiss got nominated for the UMP best rapper of the year award alongside other Malawi Famous rappers like Young Kay( King Hyphen) Martse to mention but just a few and he scooped the award.

Later this year Penjani Dangote released a gospel tune called “Dear Jahjah’ which he featured a female singer Angie and the song is still enjoying airplays in most of Malawi televisions and radio stations.He later released ” Ali ndi njira zawo” in which he featured the veteran musician Soja Lucius Banda.

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