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December 11, 2017


By staff writer  11/12/2017

Grace Obama Chiumia has never been a darling of Malawians in her capacity as a cabinet minister. Every ministry she serves as a political master she leaves a trail of negativity due to her foul mouth and trigger-happy decisions.

This is why her recent ploy to buy public sympathy will not work as she expects. Madame Grace stood on a political podium over the weekend to clean dirty laundry in public by accusing her Democratic Progressive Party of fighting her and anticipating to end her political career.


Grace Chiumia. At odds with her own DPP

Days earlier she had been quoted in the local press attacking Public Affairs Committee and civil society organizations on Electoral Reforms. She told Malawians that they were not ready for 50+1 provision of electing a President.

What Chiumia must always keep in her mind is that she just like her friends in the DPP have run out of favour with a majority of Malawians and their internal fights are of no consequence to life out here.

It is the same Grace who day and night shamed her President and party with emotive statements when she served as Information Minister months back. Thereafter she continued boring Malawians with her antics when she was appointed Home Affairs and Internal Security Minister.

Everyone remembers how Chiumia ordered police officers to arrest young boys and girls working for National Registration Bureau. Their only sin was to gather and discuss how to solicit their rightful dues from their bosses.

The whole minister sank to a footspy, eavesdropped on the discussion and rushed to police to order the arrest. She was adamant when interviewed later in the day that she did not care what befell the young boys and girls as she was only doing her job as Home Affairs minister.

People like her as a big minus to national unity and development. Her abuse of power leaves a lot to be desired and this is why her problems in DPP are her own making and nobody besides her cares.

When one tortures Malawians through abuse of power they should not run back crying when that power or influence is taken away from them.

Grace Chiumia should have known better that her masters are Malawians she tortures with careless statements and orders. DPP is only her political home and sadly now it is a collapsing home.

While she has time to cry about mistreatment within DPP she must ready herself to be outside government come 2019 and that is when she will know what it feels like being outside government.

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