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December 22, 2017

By staff writer 22/12/17

A team of independent evaluators have concluded that Office of President Peter Mutharika and his cabinet is the most inefficient of all government departments in terms of service delivery.

The evaluators went to work in September this year by gathering information on how government departments and parastatals are servicing the public.

Office of President and Cabinet scored low simply because little worth mentioning has come out of it. It is an office riddled with state plunder and executive corruption led by Peter Mutharika and those close to him.

The evaluation has shown that Mutharika is a very tolerant leader when shielding corrupt officers like he did for months with former Agriculture minister George Chaponda.

For weeks if not months Peter Mutharika openly declared that Chaponda is innocent and did not want to steal government money meant for purchase of maize from Zambia government.

The President only bowed to pressure and fired Chaponda when two commissions of inquiry found him in serious wrong. These commissions were instituted by Parliament and another put together by Mutharika himself.

Peter Mutharika: Malawi’s worst ever president. He is failing in all areas of development leaving the country poorer and poorer.

More so, corruption has soared to worrying terms under Mutharika and most of it happens right under his nose in his office.

His new chief secretary Lloyd Muhara has been found meddling in awarding of government deals mainly in energy sector. Recently he singlehandedly canceled a legit contract to purchase gensets to the tune of $74 million, all this he did just to award the contract to his preferred company which had already given him kickbacks.

Peter Mutharika even attended one board meeting where all this corruption was opnely discussed. Either the man is clueless or hides his face deliberately when he sees wrong; both are signs of bad leadership.

The recent evaluation does not come as a surprise at all. A Times Group rating through Sunday times has scored Mutharika below 5 out of 10 for the past three years he has been in office. Bad leadership and incompetence are written all over his rule.

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