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June 23, 2018

By Staff Reporter 23/6/18
Malawi Former President Her Excellency Dr Joyce Banda contimues to inspire hope that despite the social economic challenges Malawi is facing people living with disabilities must not be forgotten. On her way to Chitipa she paid a courtesy visit to one of the beneficiaries of the Mudzi TransformationTrust at her house, mama Nyachisambi who is registered blind.

Not only is her Excellency Dr Joyce Banda interacting with her, she is also assuring her that being registered blind doesnt mean one is completely disabled she can function and must be part of the social economic actors in the community.

Dr Joyce Banda: Always Inspiring

In an interview with Daily Malawi Dr Joyce Banda said , ” On my way to Chitipa sI topped at Lulilo in Karonga to see my good friend Nyachisambi. A blind lady that got a house built for her under my governments housing project. Although she lives in poverty, she said to me one thing six years ago. She said and I quote “Mom continue to give opportunities to people with disabilities even the blind like me. Because inspite of any type of disability, it is not the brain that is disabled.”

Dr Joyce Banda said, ” It is such statements by the affected people and FEDOMA that encouraged me to push for the enactment by Parliament and assenting to the Law that was ably articulated by the people with disability themselves in 2012. It was good to see Nyachisambi looking well.”

Dr Joyce Banda is not a stanger to empowering of women and vulnerable people in the society. She has uplifted the lives of millions of Malawians since in the 1980s.

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