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November 29, 2017

By Staff Reporter 29/11/2017

The many problems Malawians are facing are now becoming an international shame. Mo Ibrahim Index has just released its results for 2017 and Malawi is fast dropping on the ladder as compared to three years ago. Out of Africa’s 53 countries Malawi has now been ranked 18th.

The incompetent and corrupt president Peter Mutharika is causing poverty and crisis in Malawi. It has reached a point where donnors and majority of Malawians openly say former president Dr Joyce Banda was far much better than current president.

Mo Ibrahim index is a measure of how countries are faring on governance issues. It measures different factors that determine how bad or good a country is being governed. These factors include security, economic stability, human rights, education standards, corruption among others.

It is therefore not surprising that Malawi has performed badly considering the many problems the country is facing under President Peter Mutharika and his government.

The country’s economy is in shambles and unemployment is high due to bad economic policies. And there is a lot of corruption among the top officers including the President and his inner circle of party patrons and cabinet ministers.

Nepotism continues to cripple governance because the President continues to hire his tribesmen and women who are picked not on merit. This has killed service delivery and fruits of their nepotism are seen in how parastatals and government agencies continue to under-perform. Blackouts are the order of the day and currently Malawians are being subjected to outages as long as 48 hours.

The only time Malawi performed better on the Mo Ibrahim index was in 2014 when Dr Joyce Banda was in power. Her government within a short period of time regained international applause following substantial damages by her predecessor Bingu wa Mutharika.

It was during Bingu’s second term between 2009 and 2012 when he died that Malawi was ranked 23rd, the worst ranking for the country ever. His rule came with oppressive legislation, political persecution of opponents, shortage of fuel and forex among others.

Malawians across the board continue to worry that if Mutharika continues to rule Malawi beyond 2019 then these problems will compound to something more grave. That is why many are set to vote him out in 2019 for a leadership that will redeem Malawians abject poverty.

With a year and half remaining for him to be voted out, chances are that Malawi will continue to plummet on the Mo Ibrahim Index beyond the 18th position.

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