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December 13, 2017

By Staff Reporter 13/12/2017

Corruption in Malawi is rising astronomically especially among ruling politicians and their cronies. This has forced the United States government to consider pulling out their energy program, Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) compact worth over $350 million.

Days ago US Ambassador to Malawi Virginia Palmer said during a public function that her government is worried with persisting rampant corruption in Malawi and that they are close to terminating the compact altogether.

For any country to get the MCC compact it must meet some criteria which borders mainly on good governance, corruption, rule of law and public finance management.

Of late it seems Malawi is performing badly on all these indicators two years into the three-year programme thus worrying the financiers of the programme.

Malawi President Peter Mutharika: Corruption has become worse under his leadership and yet he is shielding his ministers from prosecution.

This will not be the first time for US government to withdraw the compact. They did likewise in 2010 during Binu wa Mutharika’s autocratic rule in which good governance was in short supply.

MCC compact returned soon after Dr Joyce Banda had become President because her government showed commitment to all the indicators laid down by the US government. Another pulling out will signify that the Democratic Progressive Party government does not respect the rule of law and in the process harming Malawians due to loss of crucial programs like these.

What Virginia Palmer and her office have seen is the true nature of a failed government that has allowed its politicians to steal and plunder public resources at will.

Peter Mutharika and his fellows in DPP have crippled public services as there are no medicines in hospitals, no learning materials in schools,people in cities are drinking contaminated water and Malawians continue to experience blackouts as long as 32-48 hours.

In the midst of all these problems Mutharika and his tribesmen are plundering the public purse with total lack of regard while millions remain jobless and in abject poverty.

Instead of fighting the over $400 million corruption that happened when Bingu was in power, Peter Mutharika has looked away and his government seems not to care to act on a report that was carried out by Pricewaterhouse Coopers with aid from Germany government. Seven of his cabinet ministers were implicated in that report.

His claim that Dr Joyce Banda stole public money has failed to hold water because she unlike him instituted an audit carried out by Baker Tilly. 72 politicians and public officers were arrested and tens are serving jail term while others are still being tried.

If the US government and other donors have noted this kind of corruption then Mutharika must be very worried. His image is totally damaged.

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