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August 17, 2017

Malawi Political whore Julius Mithi of the infamous “JFM”has been caught pants down in an recoded audio clip gossip with Innocent Chitosi of Times TV gossiping about George Kasakula and Brian Banda.

Mithi called Chitosi to find out about the rumor which is circulating on social network that Banda of the “Hot Current”programme on Times TV has been suspended and while Kasakula has been cautioned.

According to the recorded phone conversation in our possession Mr. Chitosi confirmed to Mithi that indeed the rumor is true.

However Chitosi went further to despise his fellow worker as corrupt and incompetent

“Brian is very corrupt guy,he has been suspended because he refused to air the programme which his boss instructed him and instead he preferred to air a contrary programme because he was paid off,tamusulasula pano wayamba kuzimva munthu oti alibe kali konse,apita kuti”

As of Kasakula,Chitosi said he is incompetent he just stays in office he knows nothing he is been protected by the company otherwise he knows nothing about his job.

Then Mithi interrupted Chitosi and said that he knows Brian very well as his former workmate from Dr. Joyce Banda’s reign.

“True,he has no any qualifications but very corrupt and pompous for nothing.”

In another audio clip Mithi also interviewed Brian Banda

Later Mithi reminded Chitosi that he lied the time he visited Mzuzu as he promised to visit Dziwazako and deliver a Jameison whisky.

Who has betrayed who ? A million dollar question!!

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