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November 28, 2017

By political analyst 28/11/17

Peter Mutharika promised that his government will bring in electoral reforms when Parliament meets in November 2017. Now that the August House is in session he and his government have changed tune.

As things stand Mutharika has cheated Malawians on electoral reforms. He said it alone and he has cheated alone, by the way the President is now renowned for lies and more lies.

He is the same person who promised before 2014 that he will take off some powers from the office of the President once in power. Forget it, that was another well-cooked lie.

Back to electoral reforms, the proposals are simple and straight forward such that it should be obvious for any good citizen to embrace these reforms. Alas, Peter Mutharika thinks reforms are bad.

Public Affairs Committee which represents religious organizations and all but one political parties have accepted to have these reforms. Problem is, the only party denying these reforms is Mutharika’s DPP.

Is DPP scared of changing the system from First Past The Post to 50+1? And why so?

Truth is, these reforms are not for or against Mutharika or Chakwera of MCP or any other politician. These reforms are for many generations that are coming ahead.

Losing in 2019 for Mutharika will not be because of electoral reforms but his incompetence. Malawi has had no other underperforming leader like this one. He is not in control of his own government and everyone is doing what they want.

Theft of public funds mostly by his friends and family has skyrocketed while he is busy looking away. Blackouts are order of the day, unemployment is beyond redemption if he continues ruling Malawi.

For such an incompetent leader worrying about reforms is a total waste of time. The best gift he can give Malawians before he quits in 2019 is a package of reforms to serve many generations ahead.

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