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November 4, 2017

By staff writer 4/11/17

Tadikila Mutharika the Presidents step son is now calling the shorts at Medical stores Trust where he is supplying medicals drugs and other medical materials without a tender. He is being used by the Asia community mostly Abdul Master of Worldwide wholesalers/ Pharmanova Pharmaceuticals to beat the system.

Today the CEO of Medical Stores Trust Mr Feston Kaupa is busy writing poison and Medicine board for waiver for medical suppliers supplied by the first lady Mrs Getrude Mutharika, Dr Mutharika, Dr Collins Magalasi the executive assistant to the President and Farouke Gani of Victoria Hotel in Blantyre.

Mutharika: Family heavily involved in corruption and looting of public funds leaving the nation without power.

As for one to get payments at Medical Stores Trust they have to bribe the President’s step son and the first lady through Mr Mwinjilo. The ACB is failing to bring to book Mr Jimmy Fombe who had invested close to K100 million for his fourth wedding at the lake in Salina four months ago.Fombe who works as a Procurement Officer is close to the step son of Mutharika and Ben Phiri. In addition, the CEO of the Medical Stores is failing to work properly and independently since he has to report to Dr Chisale the Operation s Director who is a cousin to Norman Chisale Presidents Security Director. ACB officers are failing to discharge their duties when it comes to Medical Stores because of their Director who gets orders from Statehouse. There are 69 files on Medical Stores opened but not getting approval from the ACB boss due to political pressure.

There is now a syndicate that has developed whereby a single consignment is being paid 10times with false delivering notes prepared by the Director of Operations Dr Chisale.The ACB was pushing for a life style audit as per corrupt practices act for some officers at the Medical Stores but process was put to a halt by it’s Director General in July this year.

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