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August 9, 2017

By Sofie Ndema
Celebrated musician Lucius Banda pocketed K2.4 million from Mzimba South East parliamentarian Rabson Chihaula Shaba for him to perform at a political rally at Khosolo.

This however has angered people in the area who accuse Chihaula of misappropriating and failing to account for funds from Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

They say the K2.4 million paid to Lucius for a two-hour performance is equivalent to the CDF money which the MP abused under the pretext that it had been been used to construct school blocks at the non-existent Kachere CDSS.

The constituency continues to face enormous challenges. Patients at Khosolo Clinic continue to bath in toilets and road network from Chizani via Makhuwira to Khosolo are in very bad state they were graded the past four years.

Chihaula is among 22 MPs who face arrest for abusing CDF funds instead of channeling it towards developing their areas. Months ago, Finance Minister Goodal Gondwe said these MPs have committed crimes against humanity and need to face the law for their actions.

Meanwhile, the MP has disputed reports that he joined the ruling DPP which he labeled as corrupt. He told the gathering that he will join a party of his choice soon but not DPP.

He is in a survival mode that is why he is trying to make his constituents forget his sins by bringing musicians to the area to entertain them. His immediate plan is to scrape through and return to Parliament in 2019 though public opinion in the area is totally against him.

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