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October 18, 2017
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by Zanele NGWIRA, Correspondent 18/10/17

Time and again people have complained that Malawi is becoming a police state. This is so because a few rotten apples within the system allow to be used by politicians to fulfill respective political agendas.

There have been many incidents in the past years where the law enforcers have abandoned ethics and professionalism to aid ruling DPP officials in victimizing others mainly from opposition parties.

Then in the midst of all that comes Inspector General of Police Lexten Kachama with his words of wisdom in support of professionalism among policemen and women.

“Malawi Police is not a political party. You are not politicians and [you must] leave politics to politicians. If you are politicians, then I will ask you to resign because Malawi Police is a national service. You must serve everyone without fear or favour. You must protect their lives and properly, “ Kachama was quoted recently.

IG Kanyama. Telling as it is

There is no excuse for any police officer to put his hands in political soup, Kachama is hinting. Those who want to join politics should do so but not at the expense of taxpayer’s money.

Malawians are tired seeing DPP top dogs using police in aggravating violence or shielding perpetrators of violence during political rallies.

Opposition MCP and DPP have fought tirelessly over the past weeks all because lawenforcers were left watching for fear of annoying their political masters.

Now that Kachama has spoken he might face the wrath of ruling party cadets who have previously accused him of being MCP. They went a step further to photoshop his wife into an MCP picture.

Malawians know that Kachama is not easy to manipulate that’s why DPP brought Duncan Mwapasa to deputize him. But his integrity as police IG is what matters most now.

All that aside the man is speaking to shame those who think police officers are poor as such must be given some little money to aid political violence somewhere.

Incidents like what happened in Rumphi at Gonapamuhanya ceremony are a shame to Malawi but will continue to happen if ruling party thugs are left to do what they want.

Law enforcement should not be selective. A panga knife in the hands of a DPP supporter is just as dangerous as that in the hands of an MCP youth. Both or all sides must be handled equally without fear.

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