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December 15, 2017

By staff writer 15/12/17

Peoples Party membership from the Northern Province has made it clear that former State President Dr Joyce Banda is the ideal candidate to lead the party and wrestle power from incompetent Peter Mutharika in 2019.

At a party meeting convened in Mzuzu City by Provincial Chairperson for the North Patrick Ng’oma, the members deliberated for hours on other matters but were all in instant agreement that JB is the only candidate with capabilities to restore good governance in 2019 after what will be five years of DPP misery.

During the same forum the gathering further extended an invitation to Dr Banda to return and start uprooting the evil regime that DPP has become.

Dr Joyce Banda: Malawi was better under her leadership and this is a fact. No Malawian citizen slept 25 hours without electricity as it is happening now under his leadership of Peter Mutharika.

JB remains the only hope for PP and Malawi because during her two-year rule she placed the country on the right path towards meaningful development.

Among her achievements are restoring fuel availability within weeks from assumption of office, restoring donor confidence within few months, dismantling oppresive atmosphere that was sown during her predecessor Bingu’s 8-year reign.

She also introduced financial empowerment policies and programs such as One Cow, One Family, distribution of motorbikes to thousands of youths and construction of free houses for thousands of poor people across the country.

Speaking later in a phone interview, PP Deputy Publicity Secretary Ackson Kalaile Banda told Malawi Daily Mail that issues related to candidacy of any post will be deliberated at a convention next year but was quick to point out that JB’s name stands out when it comes to those who can lead the party and Malawi well.

“In all the parties, candidates are elected or endorsed at a convention. But that does not stop our members from speaking their mind in a democratic space, moreover the same people calling for her candidacy are also delegates to the convention,” said Kalaile.

Besides the discussions, the meeting also welcomed members from ruling DPP and other parties who have defected to PP.

Among those defecting to PP were Councillor Judith Chiume from DPP, Mr Michael Tomato mangwe who was District Governor of Depeco and his committee, MCP campaign director Mr Gift Thole and his team.

Others were UDF director of women Mrs Sefu Mdala and her team, Freedom party organising secretary Mr Kajima Nyirenda and his team and Aford Secretary Mr Alfred Kaunda.

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