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October 25, 2017

By Maganizo Nkhoma 25/10/17

Ruling Democratic Progressive Party continues to manipulate operations at public broadcaster Malawi Broadcasting Corporation by controlling what content comes out and how it is relayed to the masses.

Since 2014 DPP has seen no reason to allow MBC carry out its duties professionally without interference from outside forces.

Programs at MBC have been fine-tuned to suit the needs of the DPP including verbal attacks on opposition parties and anyone who dares accuse President Peter Mutharika.

Former President Joyce Banda, Leader of Opposition Lazarus Chakwera, religious leaders, civil society leaders have all fallen victim of open attacks and propaganda by MBC whose employees live in fear and just follow instructions from above.

That said, there are several overzealous employees at MBC like Phillip Business who have become the face of unprofessionalism at the state broadcaster. These are the good boys and girls who are rewarded with foreign trips and handouts from politicians for allowing to be used in towing party propaganda.

What pains Malawians most is that MBC bankrolled by taxes from Malawians who affiliate themselves to all political parties that are there. Many question the rationale of paying taxes to an institution that promotes political and tribal hate among Malawians.

However, there is solace for Malawians, DPP propaganda through MBC cannot blindfold Malawians from seeing the truth on the ground. Currently Malawi as a country is going through many socio-economic problems that translate to abject poverty, unemployment, collapse of systems and despair across the board.

During the October 17 by-elections Malawians found a better way to respond to DPP despite of daily propaganda on MBC.

The DPP miserably lost all the three constituencies and two of the three local government wards to opposition Malawi Congress Party. Malawians never cared about the propaganda they listen to every day but they just translated their anger to votes.

The funny part of the by-elections is that MBC sent its reporters to cover the polls in all areas but cut the transmission once it was clear that their beloved DPP had been trounced like never before. It was an act of shame to see a whole public broadcaster hiding together with their masters when results were declared. To date MBC has never mentioned anything of that loss.

Malawians have matured and cannot be fooled by lies, that is why the DPP must allow the public broadcaster do its work professionally. Any effort to force MBC tell lies will just backfire in 2019 when public anger is likely to boot out DPP through the ballot.

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