The Wife Of IG Kachama Declares Happy Families As A Source Of National Security

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September 12, 2017
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Wife Of IG Kachama
Mrs. Ruth Kachama who is a wife to the Inspector General of The Malawi Police Service has argued all police wives in the country to manage their families well saying happy families may act as a better source of national security.

Speaking to over one hundred and eighty police officers’ wives and female officers at Mchinji Police Station on September 11 this year, Mai IG said behind any successful man there is a woman.

After inspecting a number of pavilions which the women had elected demonstrating some of the activities which the wives do when they meet; like sewing, extraction of different kind of juices and baking Mrs. Ruth Kachama has encouraged all women to strive for such kind of good home craft management if happy families are to be achieved.

She emphasized the need for all women to bear an eagle eye through having good visions and think of other source of income generating activities.

“Unless you start to be more transparent to your husbands from any kind of business you do and being accountable for all family transactions, home management cannot be a key for happy families.” she lamented.

She further encouraged the women to develop a serving culture while on the other hand consider God first in their respective houses and take it as a norm in whatever is pursued.

The women have also been advised to focus Mkomya wapa banja inorder to ensure families are well bonded with natural love and affection.

Mrs. Kachama further argued all women to think how they would foster their academic education and further encouraged them to participate in various kinds of sports disciplines as one way of achieving good health.

Before she concluded Mrs Kachama was pleased to announced how strong Mchinji Police welfare team is and she has pledged full support from her office, furthermore asking all welfare women from other stations to emulate.

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