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November 23, 2017

Analysis by staff writer.

Three and a half years have elapsed and Malawians are still asking what DPP has done to uplift lives of Malawians. 42 months are a long time for any government to fail to deliver in a term that is only 5 years long.

And when your predecessor managed so many things in a space of two years it then becomes tricky. That ladies and gentlemen is what Peter Mutharika is going through. He has failed in 42 months what Dr Joyce Banda did in her first few months in office.

Dr Joyce Banda: Malawi’s best ever leader the nation will always remember

Within her 100 days in office Joyce Banda restored fuel availability, stability to the local currency, donor confidence and an end to repressive laws that were put in place during Bingu’s second term.

When she left office in 2014 she had done so many things for Malawians, only that it was hard to see up until APM clocked his two years with nothing to show. We are now heading towards four years with him in power but Malawians continue to suffer under his leadership.

Under JB blackouts were less hence productivity industries was stable and high. Go to any corner of Malawi today and you will witness a sad situation. Small businesses such as barbershops, hair salons, pop-corn sellers, business centres are idle or dead due to persistent blackouts. Currently power utility ESCOM is now giving a maximum 8 hours of power on some days followed by full days or two without power.

This is why everywhere you go Malawians are recalling the good times they had under Dr Joyce Banda. Reports say JB’s government added to the national grid 64 megawatts as compared to DPP’s zero both under Bingu Wa Mutharika and his brother Peter.

The contrasts of the two are also highlighted in the Cement and Malata subsidy under Mutharika’s rule. He whole idea is a copy of what JB was doing under the more organized Mudzi Transformation Trust under which Malawians were getting free houses from government.

Mutharika changed the idea and promised to give cement and iron sheets at a subsidy to those who want a better house. The results have been shameful and decimal so far. The finishing rate stands at as low as 8 percent, Malawians do not just want to be part of a program that is poorly coordinated and cannot add value to their livelihoods.

And when it comes to fight against corruption then the two leaders cannot be placed on the same radar. JB fought corruption to proportions APM can only dream of.

Once it was brought to her attention that people in government and her party were involved in stealing government money Dr Banda was quick to fire those accused so that the law should take its course. A whole cabinet minister and top party officials were relieved of duties to allow them answer charges. All of them are now serving jail terms for various wrongs.

Same scenario under Peter Mutharika is met with completely different approach. When people are stealing billions around him he chooses to bury his head in the sand and pretend that nothing wrong is happening. The K236 billion Cashgate that happened under his late brother and billions more under his watch, are cases that are failing to reach conclusion because APM’s government is suppressing the truth.

No wonder you get situations where a whole senior officer at Anti Corruption Bureau, Issa Njaunju, was murdered gruesomely but to date there is nothing on the ground to bring culprits to book.

With almost a year left for Mutharika to be voted out, his party is panicking and would like to either destroy other parties or beg them for coalitions in 2019. Reality though is that Peter Mutharika is the most unpopular and incompetent President Malawi has ever had.

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