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November 9, 2017

By Zanele NGWIRA (Correspondent) 09/11/17

Even from here outside Malawi, President Peter Mutharika looks to be an endangered species. There are very few pathetic under-performing leaders in the world and he is one of them.

When he was voted into power he failed to inspire from day one and has consistently failed to do so to this very date.

Malawians have become a subject of ridicule wherever they go due to hopelessness that has crept into every corner of society due to failed leadership.

PETER MUTHARIKA: Hopeless of the hopeless presidents in the world

Of late Peter Mutharika has become a no show in all matters of his own government. It is very evident that decisions are being made without his knowledge every passing day. Where have you gone baba?

This week alone government has made blunder after blunder simply because somewhere someone made a decision which was later reversed by those in higher offices due to public shame.

We were told by the ageing Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe that Malawi will soon introduce a K5000 bank note. Before people could finish commenting on the reports Reserve Bank of Malawi reversed the decision and denied any such plans.

Then came the new road traffic rules in which penalty fees were raised by almost 100 percent. Malawians cried for a day then Information Minister Nicholas Dausi refuted the new fees and advised Road Traffic department to reverse their decision.

Another blooper is when government within a week appointed Mr Jeke as the new Director of Public Procurement but alas within days he was told to return to his work post at Ministry of Education.

Just today ESCOM fired its chief executive Evelyn Mwapasa only months after she was hired. Stories making rounds say she botched the purchase of gensets in the process exposing corruption in the corridors of power.

The question again is, who is running the affairs of Malawi because it seems Mutharika is not taking part in these decisions?If at all he is part of these decisions then there is another problem of lack of visionary leadership.

These erratic decisions are shaming the President because they reflect him in bad light as incompetent, which of course he is. However, it is high time he wakes up and cleans his house. Malawians need decisiveness from his his office when dealing with matters.

It is time to wake up Mr. President and move this country towards 2019 when you will leave the mantle to another leader.

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