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November 2, 2017

Analysis by Chisomo Ngoka 2/11/17

There comes a time in life when you wake up and realise that you have been living a lie. And when that moment comes, its always a time of reflection. You look at where you are now almost four years down the line and realise you are worse off than what you used to be. You sometimes blame yourselves and then you realise actually all these problems are not your fault, somebody else is pulling you down and that is the situation with Malawi. The problem is not the people of Malawi but its the current president Peter Mutharika. Yes its him who has caused problems and I will explain how he has done that as below.

Firstly during General elections in 2014 there was a big sexist lie spread by the followers of current president Peter Mutharika that “Ng’ombe yayikazi sikoka ngolo” in other words “a cow cannot pull the oxcart.” Going by the same rhetoric one could have imagined that when Former Malawi President Dr Joyce Banda left office the country would be heading to economic prosperity and great developments but in the case of current president Peter Mutharika the opposite is true. It is now true that it doesn’t matter whether its (ng’ombe yayikazi or yayimuna”) a cow or a bull but what matters is the ability to work and deliver results. This is where the current president has completely failed to the extent that even those who know him very well as a friend or fellow party supporter have privately admitted that his kind of leadership will take Malawi no where but just suffocate the nation to confirm that under Peter Mutharika’s leadership Malawians are doomed.

Here are the list of things for everyone’s reference that the current president has failed the nation. This is in addition to comments by Malawi Congress Party President Dr Lazarus Chakwera that life under this president has become not only unbearable but a gehena on earth.

Water shortages, who is responsible? We say Peter Mutharika is the one responsible for the chronic shortages of water supply in Malawi. How? When Peter Mutharika came to power in 2014 he dissolved the board of Water Board and put in place people who would help him manage the supply of water in Malawi. Some of them are very close to him and have managed to offer dubious contracts for self enrichment instead of buying equipment to boost water supply in Malawi.

ELECTRICITY: This is another area which former president Dr Joyce Banda has always scored higher than current president Peter Mutharika. When Dr Joyce Banda took over the presidency she did not just fix the collapsing economy. She fixed the ESCOM’ problem of supplying energy across the country. During her leadership Malawians had long forgotten about blackouts however they are now sleeping 24 hours a day with access to electricity just for an hour or two or nothing at all. Some of the investors are slowly pulling out of Malawi due to collapse of power supply.

Dr Joyce Banda: Malawi was better under her leadership and this is a fact everyone admits. At the moment Malawians are sleeping 25 hours without electricity due to incompetent leadership of Peter Mutharika..

So what did Dr Joyce Banda do where Peter Mutharika has failed. Dr Joyce Banda did not politicise the board of ESCOM and Water Board she made sure it was full of professionals with skills needed to boost power. Unlike Dr Joyce Banda the current president has filled the boards for ESCOM and Water Board mostly with people from his tribe known as the Llhomwes. Together they make up fake companies to contract ESCOM or Water Board and loot billions of tax payers money leaving the parastatals dry without any hope of resolving the crisis.

Former Minister of Energy Ibrahim Matola has comfirmed that, ” when it came to procurement, there was no politics or restrictions along tribes or political belonging so long as they were genuine and thats why only those with proven credibility were contracted.”

Unlike the above, under Peter Mutharika billions of tax payers is shared dubiously amongs the few leaving the nation in always dsrkness 25 hours no power.

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